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Can you tell me,
Can you tell me why,
Why are we still down here trying to call you?

̶REQUIEM Aeternam


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Not This Day is an American rock band from Aromas, California.  

The band was originally formed in 2011 by singer, Jason Mellow, and guitarist, Anthony Parker.  Bassist, Rob Machado, drummer, Mark Saxton, and guitarist, Brian Dutton, were all found by Mellow and Parker due to a series of freaky coincidences which are too long to go on about here.


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The band has had several unique opportunities over the years, the foremost being the opportunity to record with George Pajon, Jr., the Grammy winning songwriter and guitarist for Black Eyed Peas and Fergie, and now, Cairo Knife Fight. 


Largely working in the studio for the last few years, the band is pivoting towards performing live, while continuing to record new material.



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